Facility Master is best in class facility management services

Our Decade-old company understands the responsibilities of facility management and
thus aims to provide premium quality and unique services to our customers by adopting global standard in the service industry.

Our Services

We offer wide range of Support Services to improve and add value to the work environment
of our client allowing them to concentrate on their core business activities

House keeping

Taking preventive measures to control pests, rodents, mosquitoes etc. Observing safety regulations.

Security System

Highly competent and dependable security officers, guards to secure our clients’ facility, residence, and offices.

Facility Management

Uninterrupted comprehensive Facility Management services to the satisfaction of clients in and around Chennai.

Pest Control

We provide Eco Friendly Pest Control services carried out carefully and systematically by experienced technicians.

Manpower Outsourcing

Our Manpower sevices offering helps in recruitment services of top firms in skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled jobs.

24/7 Support

We offer wide range of Support Services to our clients in allowing them to concentrate on their core business activities

Training and Education

We are recognized in our industry as a leading source for environmental service training and institutions are using our comprehensive proprietary program. Guaranteed to increase the productivity of even the most dedicated housekeeping employee, our programs emphasize proper techniques and adherence to defined standards. Such formalized training on janitorial techniques and infection control ensures consistent compliance with regulatory inspections.

Our interactive program provides training in general housekeeping procedures; safety, support area cleaning, sterile area cleaning and floor care procedures. In addition to teaching the technical aspects of quality housekeeping, we provide thorough hospitality training for constituent interactions, communications and other non-janitorial issues.

Training and Documentation

Our cleaners sincerely want to do a great job. Management's responsibility is to give them the training and documentation they need to succeed.

This includes:

1. Work instructions for all housekeepers.
2. Training housekeepers in one or more of the basic specialties: rest room specialist, vacuum specialist and utility specialist.
3. We have been the preferred specialist cleaning company by organizations who pose for JCIA NABH Certification

To stay abreast of the latest changes in healthcare, informative continuing education seminars for site and middle management are routinely administered.