A Professional Facilities Management company dedicated to supplying quality, trained staff to domestic and commercial markets thereby enhancing values and preserving asset life of property through simple yet powerful tools in day to day operations.

Who we are

Established in 2005, under the banner of Metro Master, the organization was renamed as Facility Master in 2010, Facility Master has come a long way. Today, our Facility Management services is proud to have been rated as one of the best in the city, catering to complete all your facility management requirements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with a clean, safe and healthy environment. Utilizing our specialized expertise and an innovative partnership approach, Facility Master and Facility Master Environmental Leadership Council will manage reliable, high quality, cost effective housekeeping service programs, and establish positive facility image perceptions for our long term clients and their constituents.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the valued leader in “Facility Master”

  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Development of All Our People
  • Quality
  • Innovation and Experimentation
  • Defining Management
  • Safety Awareness

About Us

Facility Master Management Hygienic Service (OPC) Private Limited is a Chennai based service organization, a brainchild of Mr.Laxminarayan.PS, who is well experienced in Outsourcing, Facility management and cleansing Industry by working with MNCs in that trade for the past 10 Years and running the same trade for past fourteen years, who believes strongly in Teamwork, Quality and Time management. Working in the formula “V = I + U” delivers great results to them and to the persons who have understood the same. We have a large team of experienced professionals on our books that fit our specifications and are fully trained to provide the standard of service we guarantee. Our working personnel are competent in their working schedules and always produce a high level of service.


Our approach is straightforward. Our business model concentrates 100% of our resources to environmental services. Our proactive management efforts are prioritized to cultivate a skilled workforce of specialists, define innovative and cost-effective programs, and deploy ongoing systems. We have the experience, ingenuity and resources to provide the quality housekeepings.


All our staff receives full on-site training from our professional management operation, safety and security. Personnel are reliable, trustworthy and conscientious when performing their various duties ensuring all premises are fully checked and any irregularities noted and reported. All staffs are regularly field supervised.

Key Areas

Facility Master Services, an offshoot of Facility Management Company where we manage HOSPITALS, HOTELS, CORPARETES, BANKS and offer comprehensive integrated facilities management solutions that target cost effective, sustainable results at our clients’ facilities workplaces. Due to COVID -19 pandemic its rising concerns, Facility Master has taken a step forward to help prevent the spread of the deadly virus with a range of world-class, disinfecting sanitizing services. With well trained, skilled professional cleaners we help Hospitals, corporate workspaces residential spaces to stay clean Hygienic with a range of disinfecting sanitizing tasks such as aerial disinfection, sanitation of most-touched surfaces, IT assets, stationeries and overall client’s property with a strong but safe disinfection solution.